About Us

Although this company is brand new, We are Not! Our team has been working together for more than a decade.
We are not "Master Pond Installers" for any specific supplier. We are skilled in maintenance and design/build no matter what type of pond you have or want!

In the future we intend to keep Pond Service Pro moving forward with fresh ideas, ambitiously stepping beyond concepts and rules others tend to follow. Our goal is to inspire people to get outside and enjoy their outdoor living space. Your garden pond should add a restorative quality to your outdoor setting where you can quiet the mind and leave with an inspired soul.

We strive to maintain and outperform the reputation we have earned within the industry thus far. We want nothing more than to surpass our greatest achievements at each and every possible turn.

Although we specialize in pond and waterfall design/construction and maintenance, we also have many years of experience in all aspects of landscaping.